Difference Between manjusha & madhubani art

Manjusha Art and Madhubani Art both are the famous art form of Bihar.  These are the some basic differences between them.

Manjusha Art Madhubani Art
Manjusha art is a Line Art based art form. Madhubani Art is also a line art based art form.
Manjusha Art Line color is green. Madhubani Art line color is black.
In Manjusha Art Borders are very important. In Madhubani Art Borders are optional.
Manjusha Art have restriction to use three colours(Pink, Green, Yellow.) In Madhubani Art so many Colors used.
Manjusha Art belongs to Ang Region. Madhubani Art practiced in Mithila Region of Bihar.
Manjusha Art is based on Folklore of “Bihula-Bishhari”. Madhubani Art portraits stories of Ramayana, Culture and Rituals of Mithila
It is story oriented Art. It is design oriented art.
In Manjusha Art majorly object and painting area filled with Colors. In Madhubani Art object and painting area occupied by patterns, filling and compact designs.
Manjusha Art motifs are mostly derived from “Bihula-Bishhari” Story. Madhubani Art motifs are derived from rituals and culture of Mithila Region.