Manjusha Folk Art

Manjusha Kala is an initiative to promote Manjusha Art. We are the groups of Manjusha Artists from Ang Region working for promotion and evolvement of Manjusha Art.

Aim: Our aim is to revive the lost glory of Manjusha Folk Art and bring it to front of World.

Objective: Promote Manjusha art in Digital Medium and offline medium. Make this art as a source of income for artists who are practicing Manjusha Art. We are constantly working on various product development strategies to use this art in commercial aspect.

Team : Nutan Devi and Anita Devi from Bhagalpur leading this group and organising Workshop & training to raise awareness of Manjusha Art.

Sujit Kumar Lucky – A digital marketing professional taking care of Digital Promotion of Manjusha Art, He is constantly working on provide updates on Manjusha Art on Social Media and Manjusha Kala Website. Apart from Digital Work he is also love to contribute as a Manjusha artist.

Suman Kumar Suman – Mobile APP Architect; He is taking care of Mobile Version of Manjusha Art Promotion. He had launched a Mobile App for Android “ Manjusha Art on Google Play.

Apart from Above so many youth, women’s and Manjusha Art Mentors are associated with us.

Our Partners: