Colors in Manjusha Art/Painting

There are mainly three colors used in Manjusha Art, these are Pink, Green, Yellow. In Ancient time artists use organic and natural colors obtained mainly from flowers & plants leafs.

Colors in Manjusha Art
Colors in Manjusha Art

Significance of Colors

  • Pink – Offering (Care, Relation, Victory)
  • Green – Happiness (Nature & Health, Dark green associated with Financial Businesses)
  • Yellow – Prosperity (Joy, Young, Fun, Happy Feelings, Confidence, Boost enthusiasm, Optimism) Also for cultural and Vedic Progress.

Impact of Manjusha Art Colors on Human Life/Mood

  • Pink – Increase Energy, Pulse, Blood Circulation. It gives peace, relaxation, and satisfaction. Pink color reduces erratic disorders.
  • Green – Mental & Physical Relaxation, opt out from depression, nervousness and anxiety
  • Yellow – Improve Nervous System, Memory and concentration. Enhance Communication.

Background: Most of Paintings created on white Background.