In Manjusha Art borders are very important, every painting must contains one or more border in it. Manjusha art have five borders.

1. Belpatr – It is the symbol of holy leafs of Belpatr. In Hindu tradition we worship Lord Shiva with Belpatr leafs.

2. Lehariya – it is the symbol of Waves of River, Waves shows up and downs in life and how we overcome from difficulties. It embarks struggle and strength.

3. Mokha – Mokha shows the design and decoration used by ancient peoples of Ang region in their houses.

4. Tribhuj – The Triangle, a symbol of Lord Shiva in Hindu Religion. Point-up triangle indicates the spirituality and point-down triangle indicates physical presence. Symbol Triangle can be also connect with concept of Time as past, present & future.

5. Srp Ki Ladi – So many snakes pattern connected to each other, it is sign of unity.

Borders in Manjusha Art
Borders in Manjusha / Angika Art

In Manjusha it is necessary to use borders in every art creations, several design can be also separated with use of Borders.