Manjusha Art Cultural Fest

लोककला सांस्कृतिक महोत्सव का आयोजन

Folk Art based Cultural Fest held today at Mirjanhat Bhagalpur. The Theme of this fest is kept on Government campaign Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao. Major highlights of this event as follows

  1. Discussion held on folk art and culture of Ang region.
  2. Art Exhibition of Manjusha Art based Paintings and art craft material.
  3. Manjusha Art Workshop and live painting program.
  4. Children Drawing competition

लोककला सांस्कृतिक महोत्सव का आयोजन भागलपुर में किया गया ! कला और संस्कृति के महत्व पर चर्चा की गई ! इस महोत्सव में “बेटी बचाओ, बेटी पढ़ाओ” के संकल्प पर भी चर्चा की गई ! मंजूषा कला के कई कलाकारों ने इसमें हिस्सा लिया ! इस महोत्सव में मंजूषा कला आधारित वर्कशॉप का आयोजन किया गया, पेंटिंग प्रदर्शनी, बच्चों के लिए चित्रकला प्रतियोगिता का भी आयोजन किया गया !

यह महोत्सव दो दिन ९ और १० अप्रैल तक चलेगा, मिरजानहाट भागलपुर, बिहार में ये आयोजित किया गया !

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मंजूषा कला के बढ़ते कदम …

First time, Manjusha Art has been used in Wedding decoration, remarkable step taken by Manjsusha Artists in Bhagalpur, Bihar.

मंजूषा कला के बढ़ते कदम

अंग प्रदेश गवाह बना अदृभुत और अतुलनीय विवाह आयोजन का, पहली बार विवाह के सभी साज सज्जा में मंजूषा कला की झलक दिखी ! अंग प्रदेश की धरोहर मंजूषा कला शैली को विवाह मंडप में उद्धृत करने का अनूठा प्रयास !

Manjusha Art Decoration in Wedding Stage
Manjusha Art Decoration in Wedding Stage
Angika Folk Art in Wedding Stage
Angika Folk Art in Wedding Stage
Manjusha Art News in Paper
Manjusha Art News in Paper
Manjusha Art Design - Wedding Mandap
Manjusha Art Design – Wedding Mandap

सभी कलाकारों को बधाई उत्कृष्ट कार्य के लिए ! – 

Manjusha Art Stoles

Manjusha Art On Stoles


Now we are bringing Manjusha / Angika Art on Fabric, Recently Our Team worked on Women Stoles and developed some Manjusha Design on it. Product information given below


Product Code : MSTVSGOLD001


Type: Manjusha / Angika Art Stole


Fabric : Viscose (Bhagalpur Handloom)


Length : Approx. 200 Cm.


Weight: 90 Grams.


Art : Hand-painted using best quality fabric paints. Manjusha Art Motifs used with some contemporary design.


Manjusha Art Design Stole Manjusha Art Motifs on Fabric Fabric Paintings on Women Stoles


Our Production Time : 10-15 Stoles / Month


Washing Instruction : Recommended Dry Wash, or Gentle wash, Iron only on non-painted side.


Order Via Email : or Whatsapp : +91-7319984154


Delivery : By Courier Services (As per courier time)


Payment : Bank Transfer

Manjusha Art Android Mobile App Launched

Great News for Manjusha Artists, Art Lovers and all peoples of Ang Region. We are now going to launch “Manjusha Art Android Mobile App”.

About Manjusha Art App : This App showcases Folklore of Ang Region, the religious story of Bihula-Bishhari. The prime module of this app is Manjusha Katha Chitr(Pictorial Representation of Bihula-Bishhari Story which is followed by Sequential Manjusha Art Painting). Other section of this app contains Manjusha Art Introduction and Story of Bihula-Bishhahri. This is the initial release of Manjusha Art App, we will add more section in this App.

App Contribution : Suman Kumar Suman from Bhagalpur, he is a mobile App Architect. Suman Kr. constructed the Whole App. App idea and planning brought by Sujit Kumar, he is a digital media consultant.   Sujit also working for Digital promotion of Manjusha Art.

Bhagalpur Art App Angika Art App Manjusha Art App
Download this App from Google Play Store !! – Android app on Google Play
Manjusha Kala

An Artist Doing Manjusha Painting (Bhagalpur Angika Art)

An Artist doing Manjusha Painting, Manjusha Painting also Known as Angika Art, Ang Art or Bhagalpur Art, it is very Popular Folk Art form. Manjusha art is believed to be the only art form in the history of art form in India which has a sequential representation of the story and is displayed in a series. This is also called a scroll painting. Manjusha art is a folk art of Bhagalpur, Bihar, and has been dated back to the 7th century. मंजूषा कला अंग प्रदेश भागलपुर की सांस्कृतिक धरोहर है !