Manjusha Katha Chitr

Manjusha Katha Chitr – मंजूषा कथा चित्र (Video)

मंजूषा कथा – A Folklore of Ang Pradesh, Bhagalpur. Mnajusha Art is based on folklore of Ang Region. Manjsuha Painting formed by the  ancient story of Bihula-Bishari. This Story Book Created by two child artist name : Ekta Sagar & Aman Sagar. Each Slides contains one Manjusha Painting and story behind them.


Manjusha Art – Folklore Story Gallery

“Make in India” – Contemporary Manjusha Painting

“Make in India” – Contemporary Manjusha Painting

Theme: Indian government launched an initiative “Make in India” in which Lion is the key symbol of this program.

About this Painting: This Painting highlighted the Lion with three colors of Manjusha and also filled some borders (Belpatra & Lahariya Borders). India map symbolizes the whole country with National Flag, due to resetrictions of color Orange replaces with Pink, and white replaces with Yellow. Two motif characters as one young boy and one young lady browsing Internet in Tab showing Digital growth of India. Other Motif plant / leaf embark nature and peace.

Artist Name: Sujit Kumar (Bhagalpur)