Manjusha Art Android Mobile App Launched

Great News for Manjusha Artists, Art Lovers and all peoples of Ang Region. We are now going to launch “Manjusha Art Android Mobile App”.

About Manjusha Art App : This App showcases Folklore of Ang Region, the religious story of Bihula-Bishhari. The prime module of this app is Manjusha Katha Chitr(Pictorial Representation of Bihula-Bishhari Story which is followed by Sequential Manjusha Art Painting). Other section of this app contains Manjusha Art Introduction and Story of Bihula-Bishhahri. This is the initial release of Manjusha Art App, we will add more section in this App.

App Contribution : Suman Kumar Suman from Bhagalpur, he is a mobile App Architect. Suman Kr. constructed the Whole App. App idea and planning brought by Sujit Kumar, he is a digital media consultant.   Sujit also working for Digital promotion of Manjusha Art.

Bhagalpur Art App Angika Art App Manjusha Art App
Download this App from Google Play Store !! – Android app on Google Play