Great News for Manjusha Artists, Art Lovers and all peoples of Ang Region. We are now going to launch “Manjusha Art Android Mobile App”.

About Manjusha Art App : This App showcases Folklore of Ang Region, the religious story of Bihula-Bishhari. The prime module of this app is Manjusha Katha Chitr(Pictorial Representation of Bihula-Bishhari Story which is followed by Sequential Manjusha Art Painting). Other section of this app contains Manjusha Art Introduction and Story of Bihula-Bishhahri. This is the initial release of Manjusha Art App, we will add more section in this App.

App Contribution : Suman Kumar Suman from Bhagalpur, he is a mobile App Architect. Suman Kr. constructed the Whole App. App idea and planning brought by Sujit Kumar, he is a digital media consultant.   Sujit also working for Digital promotion of Manjusha Art.

Bhagalpur Art App Angika Art App Manjusha Art App
Download this App from Google Play Store !! – Android app on Google Play